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How I left to walk in the mountains

Ever felt like the space around you is shrinking? It’s almost a physical sensation..
Having so much on your plate, but not sure where to start or which way to go?

That’s where I’ve been. For a good portion of this June. And it was rough.

I’d like to think that after all these years of freelancing, I’ve nailed self-management long ago.

Most of the time, I have. But this summer? It just did not work.

It felt like I was losing myself, like something was off… that if I didn’t act, I’d drawn. But I had no idea what to do.

Then, in early July, during my beloved #mastermind, I heard (as I always do) just what I needed. Three fellow coaches shared how transformative it was to physically get away during such times. To change the environment, get a drastically different perspective, and let everything naturally fall into place.

So, I left that mounting pile of work on my desk and took off for a week-long hike in the mountains. Alone.

I thought I’d walk, reflect, and actively think my way out of it. Spoiler alert: that didn’t happen.

But something else did.

As I wandered, taking in those breathtaking views, my mind went blissfully blank. For hours and for days.
And guess what? Everything fell into place 😊 Somewhere in the background of my mind, in the deeper wisdom, I got exactly where I needed.

I came into my center and I saw clearly:

  • What I want and do not want to do
  • That my life’s perfectly ok = a wave of relief, calm, and joy
  • And that, believe it or not, I have plenty of time

Long before this I was aware that when I am speeding, I do not see much and do not get much done. And I had many routines to slow me down, help me focus and be really productive.

But, even with all the knowledge of the world, sometimes we can get lost. So if you ever get lost, give yourself a break. Go for a walk in the mountains, across the fields and meadows, or any place that feels good.

Maybe, everything might just fall into place for you too 😊

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