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Together for Ten Years

We’ve had each other for over ten years. And it’s one of the greatest treasures in my world.

No, it’s not my husband… or my kids… or my dogs (okay, they are clearly the absolute greatest treasure 😉 ), but I can’t imagine a single week of my life without them.

We get together every Friday. 8:00 am. My #mastermind.

Four pairs of ears that listen with care, and genuine interest. Four people who follow their stories, remember what I said five years ago, and can kindly remind me. They’re smart and thoughtful. We laugh a lot. It’s often a deep dive. We rarely see each other in person, and it’s ok.

We remind ourselves of the same things over and over again. Our biggest discovery to happy living: You have to be buoyant, stare a lot and, most importantly, don’t……

It’s one of the safest places in the world for me. I can say anything I want or need. Nobody judges me.

They met during their coach training, I “accidentally” (but really accidentally) was there to interpret. I only interpreted once, probably to meet them 🤩.

Thank you for having me. @Alice Chamradova, @Alexandra Hubáčková @David Enc

If you do not have one, it’s awesome! Try to create such a #mastermind for yourself.

What if we don't have to choose?

Photo by Colin Behrens on Pixabay.