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I am Katerina


Professional Certified Coach
Experienced Corporate Soft-skills Trainer
Certified Meditation Teacher
Passionate Scuba-diver



Whole-hearted believer that things are possible

I saw many times that things beyond our imagination are possible.

Broken relationships can be healed, Trust can be earned, Loss can be turned into profit, Fading story can find a new spark.

We, human beings, have an amazing capacity to learn, expand, grow and activate our own wisdom.

My Story

What is my why

In my 15 years of working with people, I have seen that many more things are possible than we think.

We can learn new skills, change the way we think about the world and ourselves and transform significantly.

Is it easy? No
Is it worth it? Absolutely yes!


“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi

Some more interesting numbers

Behind the scenes

I live an ordinary life in a small village with two dogs and a large forest behind my house. I am a proud mother, wife and an enthusiastic scuba diver. I’ve got a life-long passion for all sorts of deep dives.


Years in one marriage


Maximum dive depth

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