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 International Coach and Business Trainer

Hi, I am Katerina and for the past 15 years I have been helping

businesses and individuals to grow, communicate and excel.

Let’s work together IN-PERSON or ONLINE.



Coaching & Soft skills Trainings

Experience top-quality hands-on learning based on simplicity and practice.
Enjoy an effective learning environment in which people feel safe to expand their comfort zone and experiment with new horizons.

I am based in the Czech Republic and successfully worked in 8 countries around the globe, I teach people in international corporations as well as in smaller local businesses.

International Trainer soft skills Katerina Kryllova


Areas of expertise

From 1hour webinar to 2day in-person training
we can explore the super-useful topics of
Assertiveness (Strong, honest and constructive communication),
Mindfulness (mind-fitness, concentration, balance, productivity),
Coaching (as a skill for leaders, coaches, and communicators),
Powerful presentation (clear, effective and engaging message),
Leadership (How to become the person others choose to follow AND deliver good results) and Tailor-made programs (mix of topics based on specific needs). More…

Soft Skills Trainer


Programs for groups

Would you like to create a specific mix of topics and forms?

Let’s create a completely original program that fits your needs fully.

Explore the areas of expertise.

International Coach and soft skills Trainer


Programs for individuals

Would you like to create a completely tailor-made individual program for your key workers? 

It is usually a mix of coaching and training.

International Coach


Individual and Team coaching

An ideal path for you if you need to solve a problem as a team, set rules for communication or align yourselves for success. 

Also if you’d like to grow on the individual level, use your potential fully and create a real shift on your journey.

Professional Certified Coach


Interesting numbers & Certifications

I am a proud member of the International Coach Federation, honoring the ethics and competencies of professional coaching. I am certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a Mindfulness and meditation teacher.

Years of practice

PEople in training

Countries i worked in-person

coaching sessions


What people say about working with me

“For the first time ever, we got exactly what we wanted”

For the first time ever we got exactly what we wanted. A Hands-on, tailor-made development program for our people that works and that they really enjoy.

HR, Kostal, CZ

“You are absolutely reliable”

We loved the interactivity that turned an ordinary workshop into a strong experience. What we agreed on was fully delivered and we could simply enjoy the program and let go of any control. 

Pfizer, Sales team

“Mindfulness was so strong I keep coming back to it every day.”

When I feel under pressure, I always remember to stop and remind myself that I am in charge. Thank you for your energy and inspiration. I recommend this training to everyone.

HR, Doosan Bobcat, EMEA

“Professional Executive Coaching”

I was able to see things from a new perspective and make a complicated decision with confidence.
Now I see my future professional and personal journey more clearly and with optimism.”

Executive Director, Witte, CZ

Client Soft Skills
Client Soft Skills Training
Client Soft skills in English
Client Soft Skills and Coaching
Client Coaching in English
Client Soft skills
Client Soft Skills, Mindfulness
Client Soft Skills Training

What´s new

New ideas, articles & events

Have a look at our new programs, events and articles. 

The Caterpillar Story

The Caterpillar Story

Collecting stories has been my thing for years. Especially the ones about caterpillars. Ever heard the one about the caterpillar and the butterfly? So, imagine this: On a bright sunny day, two caterpillars are crawling in a meadow. They look up and see a butterfly flying high above them. It’s up so high that it makes their heads spin. At that moment..

Mindset Shift to Better Performance

Mindset Shift to Better Performance

Looking for a mental bootcamp? Try golf 😉. Ambition, frustration, insecurity.. all these emotions are immediately visible there and you can witness firsthand how your mind influences performance. Discover a universal shift that can help you not just on the golf course but beyond.

How do you do empathy?

How do you do empathy?

Empathy is a fascinating discipline. We often believe we understand it, thinking it’s straightforward and we do it quite well. We put ourselves in other persons’ shoes and offer them support. But what if there is more to it? What if sometimes our “empathy” is the opposite of support?

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