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Bali inspirations

I was in Bali this year. Again. This was my fourth time. 🙈
I love that place full of flower offerings and scented sticks, it teaches me something new every time.

The first time I learned that in our busy world, you can forget about time and just blissfully flow. And that saying out loud „this is enough” is healthy. It is definitely better than trying to get along with everyone at my own expense 😊.

The Second time it taught me that there’s no point in crying over spilled milk, like getting mad when somebody hacks into my safe and steals my money. The quicker I get over it, the better for me.

Third lesson was about the principle of duality, explained by a local Hindu monk. Balinese people embody it in different ways, for example, the sarong with a white/black pattern. White and black. Not one or the other. It’s both at the same time.

Imagine this: One moment I’m sitting on this beautiful beach full of awful plastic trash. I feel strongly that I don’t want it there. It fills me with frustration. So I practice. I try to let it both be in my attention. The beauty and the ugliness. The treasures of the world and the vanity of man. I create space in my mind for both.

It feels wonderful… spacious… free.

For the record, I don’t approve of plastic in the ocean. I’ve been recycling passionately for over 15 years. In fact, the second largest piece of furniture in our kitchen is a giant recycling bin.

Still, it’s interesting and useful to expand and relax our awareness.

And the most recent lesson?: Life is full of wonderful surprises. Like at the airport when my husband pulled me away from the economy check-in, saying “not this way,” and surprised me at the business counter with an upgrade he’d secretly arranged.

What’s next? Who knows 😊 But I’m excited to find out!
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