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Physiological sigh – the fastest way to put the brakes on stress

One of the most frequent topics I encounter in presentation skills workshops is “How to deal with nervousness.”

No matter your age, position in the company, or competence level… Nervousness is something many of us struggle with.

A common question is: “What can I do when a presentation/meeting/important call is approaching, my heart’s racing, my hands and voice are shaking, and I need to calm down?”

There are numerous strategies out there. But one has recently caught my attention more than the rest.

I found it via Andrew Huberman, and it’s a super quick technique called the “physiological sigh.” Apparently, it’s the fastest physiological way to hit the brakes on stress “in real time.”

I’ve been testing it with my clients for a while now, and they’ve been excited about the impact.

If you’re up for it, give it a try. It’s two inhales, followed by one long exhale. You can do it once or repeat it several times…whatever you need. Let me know if it helped you out 😊.

Video on youtube: Reduce Anxiety & Stress with the Physiological Sigh

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash.