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Train your inner voice to be your private helpful coach

One of our clients wanted us to create a special program that would help to empower people in the midst of challenging and ever-changing circumstances.

This is a global company in a major transformation. They want to support their people to become more resilient, stronger and wiser under pressure.


I created this program and I’d like to share some of the interesting ideas that we will be exploring with the participants.

One of the ideas is that we all have a voice inside our head that almost always speaks. And it is very important to pay attention to what it says. Is it giving us supportive, helpful messages? Or is it rather giving us a hard time? Or are we even aware that it exists?

Whether we hear it consciously or not, this voice has a significant influence on our emotions, actions, and our life.

One of the core ideas of this training is that we learn to hear that voice and train it to be our helpful private coach.

Of course, this is quite an ambitious idea, and it is not going to be done completely in a 2-day training. It is more a life-long journey.

And yet. Even being aware of this can create a really big shift.

Another idea we explore is „How to be stronger and wiser under pressure“
Each of us reacts differently under pressure. What we have in common is that with higher levels of stress and pressure, we often get into a “non-resourceful state”. A state of mind and energy in which we have worse access to our resources. Our thinking is not as clear as we need, we are distracted and it is difficult to concentrate, our energy is draining, and it is difficult for us to make wise decisions or to be creative.

And we tend to push further from this state without even being aware of it. The simple truth is that later we may regret or we do not create the best that we are capable of.

We explore how we can cultivate our awareness. Being more aware (recognize it) of our state. Knowing whether we have access to our resources or not, so that we do not fiercely, automatically proceed from the non-resourceful state. Instead, we practice self-coaching so that we can create a shift to a wiser place and only from that place proceed further. This gives us a chance to re-gain access to our full potential, wisdom, experience, creativity .. and from that place move forward.

This training is not only about ideas. For the whole time, we also pay a lot of attention to what are the necessary pillars of our mindset to make this work and we engage in many practical exercises and coaching conversations so that we turn the learning into a practical skill.

Coaching is a 2 in 1 skill. If you learn how to do it for yourself, you learn how to do it with other people. How to exchange the push for the pull, become a good buddy for yourself, better partner, parent, and a better leader.

Would you like to learn more?

I´ll be happy to discuss it!