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Presentation skills in English, Prague

How to deliver a Powerful Presentation with ease and confidence

Presentation skills in English

I’ve been teaching presentation skills for about 12 years to hundreds of participants in the Czech and English languages.
This practical workshop offers the key rules for a successful presentation, very rich feedback, incl. video feedback and many simple practical tips.

In this training, we explore how to:

Make your presentation effective (aim at the goal, tune to your audience, create a clear why and achieve what you wanted)
Create a simple, easy-to-follow structure based on storytelling principles
Make your presentation engaging and interesting
Create really good PowerPoint
Be strong and confident speaker
 Manage questions and objections
 Work with anxiety, relax and enjoy it

Would you like to know more?
I’ll be happy to talk about creating a format that fits you best.
It can take from 3 hours to 2 full days.