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Assertiveness around Europe

Interactive workshops for Hewlett Packard

Assertiveness is one of our most popular workshops. And I´ve done it for many different audiences. People in logistics, IT, team leaders in production, administration workers, career advisors.

This year is the fourth time we do these trainings also outside of the Czech Republic, in different Hewlett Packard sites across Europe. I teach in Grenoble, Barcelona, Boeblingen, and Bucharest.

60% of participants of this workshop say in the final evaluation that this training is Amazing, life-changing, I would pay from my own pocket for this” and they appreciate that it is full of practical role plays, humor and deep insights.

We learn how to find the gentle balance between “being strong” and “being kind”.

Why does this matter?

Because we learn how to stand our ground and healthy boundaries without guilt, how to not let ourselves be manipulated AND at the same time how to stay open, willing, gentle and constructive and build long-lasting good quality relationships.

Assertiveness around Europe